About the Campaign

20140614_101240Lawmakers have been playing politics with women’s health in Pennsylvania, and it shows in our poor ranking across key indicators of women’s health and economic security in state-by-state surveys, year after year.

In 2013, advocates in Pennsylvania joined forces to create the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health. Today, the PA Campaign is a successful, growing collaboration of approximately 60 local, state, and national organizations calling for evidence-based policies to improve women’s health and economic security in Pennsylvania.

Our priorities are informed by our shared understanding that improving women’s health is not possible without economic security, which is not possible without reproductive freedom.

In 2017, we hosted 12 Community Conversations on Women’s Health across the Commonwealth in order to do what so many members of the Pennsylvania Legislature will not: We listened to women.

Download and read our “Report on Pennsylvania’s Community Conversations on Women’s Health.”

Our 2018 priorities are based on those conversations, expert policy analysis of loopholes in Pennsylvania state policy and laws, and the recommendations of public health experts.

We are fighting the growing, insidious problem of government interference in the doctor-patient relationship; calling for equal access to the full range of reproductive healthcare including abortion; and advocating for common-sense, basic protections for women in the workplace, such as fixing Pennsylvania’s broken equal pay law, and addressing pregnancy discrimination.

The Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health developed a legislative roadmap that will, if implemented, improve women’s health and economic security in Pennsylvania.

Check out the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health’s 2018 legislative priorities, then follow us on Facebook  for updates on our progress and related issues.