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10/9! Community Conversation on Women’s Health in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, Pa. –The Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health will host the fourth of a series of FREE statewide public conversationson a broad range ofwomen’s healthissues in Lancaster County next week.


Community Conversations on Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Women’s Health is a direct response to several factors that, combined, spell disaster for Pennsylvania families: Pennsylvania’s abysmal track record on key indicators of women’s health; a state Legislature obsessed with restricting access to reproductive healthcare while actively neglecting policy proposals that would improve women’s health and economic security;the Legislature’s refusal to hear testimony from constituents on issues that directly affect their health and lives; and, a regressive federal agenda fixated on restricting access to affordable healthcare.

The Community Conversation – Lancaster County will take place at 6:30 p.m. Monday, October 9 at Tellus 360, second floor lounge,24 E King St.

The Lancaster event, which will be hosted by the PA Campaign for Women’s Health in collaboration with Planned Parenthood and Keystone Progress, focuses on challenges that the City of Lancaster faces: lack of affordable health care, nondiscrimination orders that change township to township, a lack of representation from women, immigrants, and people of color in local elected offices.

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Additional Conversations will follow, each with a main theme reflecting the foremost concerns of the community, at locations all over the state.

The Community Conversations are an initiative of the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health. Founded in 2013, the PA Campaign for Health is a collaboration of more than 55 local, state and national organizations calling for evidence-based policies to support and protect equal access to affordable reproductive healthcare including abortion, personal safety, and workplace equality. Specifically, the Campaign supports legislation to address pregnancy discrimination, close gaps in the state’s equal pay law, provide workplace accommodations for nursing workers, protect patients and doctors from harassment, and prohibit legislatively coercing doctors to lie to patients.

At the Community Conversations, locals will share theirexperiences, and the challenges they face trying tolead healthy lives and deciding if, when, and how to raise a family in Pennsylvania.

Local lawmakers and media are invited to attend in person to listen and learn, or follow along online on FB atLancaster Stands Upand #PA4WomensHealth #Lancaster.

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health, like us at and www.pa4womenshealth.prg.

To arrange an interview or request more information, contact Rafael Diaz of Keystone Progress at or 717-799-9106 or Leslie Hall of Planned Parenthood at or 717-234-2479, ext. 9428.